Laverton Community Integrated Services

The members of Laverton Community Integrated Services are perhaps the most important component of the entire organisation. Their role is to elect and inform the Board of governance as well as influence the direction the organisation takes into the future. Each year when the AGM is held, it is the members that vote on constitutional changes, on motions and ensure that the Board and operational teams are held to their usual high standards.

The annual membership fee is $5 and contributes toward the operational costs of LCIS. If you are experiencing financial hardship and unable to meet the financial cost associated with membership you may write to the CEO and request an exemption

Types of Membership

There are four different types of memberships;

  • Full Member – Any person who completes the application form and pays the annual subscription
  • Life Member – Any member who has provided 10 years of continuous service to the organisation and has been nominated and endorsed by the Board
  • Associate Member – An organisation that is granted membership
  • Patron – An individual who is granted membership via the 500 Club
New Member Registration

In order to complete this form you will need to be endorsed by an existing member, please be sure to have their full name and phone number available.

Re-New Membership

To renew membership, the existing members must complete the renewal registration by 30th September every year.