About Us

About Us

Laverton Community Integrated Services Inc. [LCIS] is a Not-for-Profit, Neighbourhood house operating under the Community Development framework and underpinned by the Social Justice principles. LCIS is governed by a volunteer-based Board representative of the local community, who is answerable to the membership. The daily operations are led by a CEO, a team of professional staff, and enhanced by passionate volunteers.

Our Vision-"We Empower people"

Fundraising Team

At the start of 1974 the Laverton Community Centre & Neighbourhood House was established by the Laverton Rotary Club, who moved a 3-bedroom house from Aviation Road to 12 Crown Street, to become what is now known as the Laverton Community Education Centre. A series of meetings took place to decide what to use it for with the Rotary Club and a grant of $10,000.00 from the Whitlam Government. Two or three open meetings were held and a committee was formed.

After a short time it was evident that space was number one priority. Several members used their homes as guarantee to obtain a loan from the National Bank. In order of priority, A dry toilet block at the rear of the building Dividing wall to be removed to make the main room bigger and a side door to allow for some office space.

Some fund raising activities were required such as Raffles, Art Shows, Bingo, Street Stalls & Dances. After the first loan was paid off, we still had no space so embarked on building the south side of the extension, with a second loan. As time passed the old Progress Association had put up a new hall at the top of Crown Street. We used this for Art Shows, Dances and some Sporting activities all of which could be held there but it was very cold in winter with no lining and dry outside toilets etc.

There was another house next to the kindergarten, where the present hall stands and when the council decided to build the new ‘Civic Complex’, the house had to go, so for a short time we had the use of it and Mr. Cottie’s old house became our Opp. Shop. When the new hall was finished it was to be ours, for classes, community support etc. Council set fees so that with small classes it was impossible to meet the costs involved, so once again we had to extend 12 Crown Street, with a new toilet block, kitchen and child minding room.

In December 1999 Hobsons Bay City Council (HBCC) decided to close the Laverton Child Care Centre at 15 Crown Street due to it no longer being viable. We applied to have our existing license of 11 extended to 25 places plus playgroup and took over the management in February 2000.

In 2004 the Civic Centre was once again given to us and we took over the management of the building. This gave us the opportunity to transfer the Community Centre branch of the organisation out of Crown Street and into the Civic Centre. With the new council building came the opportunity to use 12 Crown Street as a dedicated Education Centre and we applied, successfully to become a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). We also started our first ever community café program as an extension of Emergency Relief offering hot meals to those in need.

Hobsons Bay City Council and Department of Human Services collaborated in building a brand new 116 place childcare centre in 2006 which we took over the management of in 2007 and proceeded to offer the community based childcare service that still runs today.


12 Crown Street Childcare Caravan

In 2010 HBCC embarked on the ‘Community Renewal Program’ and commenced building, what is known today as, The Laverton Community Hub located on Railway Avenue. While this work was being done the Community centre moved into portable classroom housed the Laverton Football oval. It was also during this time that the Community side of the organisation expanded to include the Laverton Youth Foundation in partnership with the Bendigo bank.

2011 saw us enter into a more professional and structured environment necessary to hold government contracts and to be considered as serious in the community services landscape. We became an incorporated entity, thus, 16th February 2011 Laverton Community Integrated Services (LCIS) was born. Further to this on 31st December 2012 we received Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) status giving us and our benefactors all the rights associated with charitable status.

By the time the Laverton Hub was completed in 2013 we were well and truly ready to move out of the portables and into a community hub style building, keen to share and work with likeminded organisations. We moved the Laverton Community Centre and Operations of Laverton Community Integrated Services in and continued offering Emergency Relief, Crisis Intervention and the Laverton Youth Foundation.

In 2016 we added once more to our services by undertaking a partnership between HBCC and Wyndham City Council to administer the Wynbay L2P program. We have grown this initial program and now have more than 50 young people using 4 vehicles owned and funded by LCIS to gain safe skills and the independence that comes from having a driver’s license.

As for the future…. well we can’t wait to see.


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