About LCIS

Laverton Community Integrated Services Inc. [LCIS] is a local Not-for-Profit organisation operating under the Community Development Model and is underpinned by the Social Justice principles. LCIS is managed by a volunteer based Board of Management, representative of the Community and contributing the skills required for good governance. In 2012, LCIS became a Public Benevolent Institution providing tax relief for all donations over $2.00.

Directly serving the communities of Laverton, Altona Meadows and the broader municipality of Hobsons Bay, LCIS offers Adult Community Education as a Registered Training Organisation; Integrated Child Care Services through the Laverton Community Children’s Centre and Community Service programs and activities through the Laverton Community Centre and Neighbourhood House.

These services are all provided within the Crown Street Community Precinct. The Laverton Community Centre is now operating from inside the newly built Laverton Community Services Hub located on Railway Avenue.

The Laverton Community Centre was established in 1974 with the assistance of Rotary.

A BRIEF HISTORY (from the 30th Anniversary in 2004)

At the start of 1974 the Centre was established by the Laverton Rotary Club, who moved a 3-bedroom house from Aviation Road to 12 Crown Street, to become what is now known as the Laverton Community Education Centre. A series of meetings took place to decide what to use it for with the Rotary Club and a grant of $10,000.00 from the Whitlam government. Two or three open meetings were held and a committee was formed. Some of the people at that time were;

  • J. Knight
  • O. Malon
  • D. Denam
  • J. Carlon
  • Father Fitzgerald
  • T. Dillon
  • R. Mason
  • P & S. Radburn
  • J. Lampard
  • A. Woolmer
  • K. Dare

To name the ones I can remember, also myself & Anne.

To give you an idea of Laverton at that time you will get a picture of the difficulties that faced the new committee. Only a one carriage non electrified train service that only ran three or four times to the city a day. Two small supermarkets, no secondary school, no sewerage and one old hall at the top of Crown Street.

Committee Difficulties

  1. Lack of space in house
  2. I gas toilet
  3. Being a one off grant, no recurrent finding
  4. Tutors were all volunteers
  5. A small charge for classes helped pay running costs
  6. Several classes in one room
  7. No office space

Committee Positives

  1. A very dedicated Committee and volunteers

After a short time it was evident that space was number 1 priority. Several members used their homes as guarantee to obtain a loan from the National Bank. In order of priority,

  1. A dry toilet block at the rear of the building
  2. Dividing wall to be removed to make the main room bigger and a side door to allow for some office space.

As some problems were solved, others appeared. Some fund raising activities were required such as Raffles, Art Shows, Bingo, Street Stalls & Dances.

After the first loan was paid off, we still had no space so we embarked on building the south side of the extension, with a second loan.

As time passed the old Progress Association had put up a new hall at the top of Crown Street. We used this for Art Shows, Dances and some Sporting activities all of which could be held there but it was very cold in winter with no lining and dry outside toilets etc.

There was another house next to the kindergarten, where the present hall stands and when the council decided to build the new hall, the house had to go, so for a short time we had the use of it, also Mr. Cottie’s old house became our Opp. Shop.

When the new hall was finished it was to be ours, for classes, community support etc. But they set fees so that with small classes it was impossible to meet the costs involved, so once again we had to extend 12 Crown Street, with a new toilet block, kitchen and child minding room.

Over the years in spite of many difficulties, both financial and space, it has arrived as it is today, owned by the people of Laverton. I for one would like to say how happy and proud I am to see that all the hard work of everyone involved in the past is now being so well used. It has helped so many and provided people with skills to help them gain confidence to have a richer lifestyle. To the present Management and Staff you are all doing a tremendous job; it’s great to see what is now being achieved. Good luck to all!

H. Robinson

Past President

In 2011, the organisation undertook a major re-structure incorporating new branding, all under the newly incorporated Laverton Community Integrated Services Inc.

Today LCIS operates three business arms;

  • Laverton Community Centre and Neighbourhood House – providing recreational and leisure programs and activities. Emergency Financial and Material Relief, Community Meals and a Crisis Intervention Service.
  • Laverton Community Education Centre – providing both accredited and non-accredited vocational education, predominately to Adults.
  • Laverton Community Children’s Centre – providing Integrated Children Services such as Long Day Care, Kindergarten, Alternative Care and Playgroups.

LCIS is also the auspice for many community groups such as the Laverton Youth Boxing Gym and the Laverton Youth Foundation supported by the local Bendigo Community Bank branch.