Covid 19 Updates

During this lockdown phase, we encourage you to follow government directives, stay safe, and stay connected with friends and family.
We would also like to promote that you take care of your mental health, focus on the positives, and on the things that you can control. There
are many supports available during this time so if you notice yourself or a loved one feeling overwhelmed, reach out –
or feel free to get in touch with us.

We would also like to remind everyone that information overload can be just a dangerous as no information at all. We encourage you to seek advice from reputable sources during this time; for all current information regarding Victoria’s pandemic and/or subscribe to daily advice from the Chief Health officer

What LCIS is doing

During this time LCIS will continue to run our essential programs as we have throughout the entire pandemic periods. This means our;

  • Education Centre is continuing with delivering online training
  • Children’s Centre has and continues to maintain exceptionally high standards of hygiene practices for staff, children and families along with rigorous cleaning protocols and remains open
  • The Emergency Relief and Crisis Intervention Service are in operation utilizing a combination of online and telephone supports along with a very limited team of people behind the scenes cooking, preparing, and delivering food parcels.
  • Wynbay L2P is currently suspended during the latest lockdown period but continues to seek mentors to join the program as well as process new learner driver applications.
  • Youth Foundation continues to deliver a range of exciting online programs for young people across Hobsons Bay and Wyndham whilst planning for a return to face to face activities soon.