Early Childhood Teacher - Kindergarten
I have been working in this field for 13 years. I started my training from Certificate 3 and Diploma in Children’s Services through to finishing a Bachelor Degree in Teaching Early Childhood Education. The influence of this profession stems from an early age exposure, to an educational environment presented to us by my eldest sibling. I have a daughter who is currently studying Bachelor of Science for Teaching – (a specialised course for Science teaching). We have an adopted pet dog (Mickey) from Lost Dogs Home – he is an 8 years old Chihuahua mixed breed.
Qualified Educator
I have worked in the early childhood industry for seven years. I have been working with the Laverton Community Children’s Centre for 1.5 years. I have completed my M.C.A. (Masters in Computer Arts) from India. I am a Diploma qualified Educator . I had done my T.AE. And currently, I am pursuing a Bachelor in Education (Early childhood). I love engaging  with children and would like to support them with their social and emotional wellbeing. Program planning plays a vital role in Children’s development which can be implemented through Children’s interest. I love to interact with children and would like to set activities according to their interests.
Early Childhood Educator
I am an experienced Early Childhood Educator, and have worked at Laverton Community Childrens Centre for 12+ years. I am experienced at working in all rooms/ age groups within the centre. Currently, I assist room educators with children with additional needs, as well as being flexible to work in each room to cover RDOs, planning days and meal breaks.  Although working in different rooms can be a challenge, I enjoy the variety and the chance to work with all the different children in each room. I am a very proud Grandmother, who loves spending time with my young grandchildren. I also enjoy travelling, especially to see my family overseas.
Qualified Diploma Educator
I have worked in Laverton Community Children’s centre for 11 years. Recently I have worked across a broad range of tasks independently. Since 2012, my role has been to support planning sessions as a Qualified Diploma Educator. This requires me to work across long day care service in different rooms, ranging from babies to kindergarten. I always work co-operatively with families and educators to ensure the best interest of children. I demonstrate a sound work ethic that supports the workplace and implements NQS and VEYLDF as guidelines to evaluate and promote appropriate experiences in service. I believe in sharing the workload with others and developing a sense of trust I also design and implement the centre’s Facebook  page through videos and photos.
Babies Room Educator
Experience: Hi my name is Helene and I have been working in the early childhood industry for more the 12 years. Nine of those years have been at the Laverton Community Childrens Centre. I enjoy working here very much. The educators and children have become my second family. I love them all. My strengths as a childcare educator are patience and providing warm trusting relationships to babies. My interests are cooking, relaxing in my garden, going for walks and spending time with my family.
Room3 / Alt care
I’m a third generation Korean-Japanese. I was born in Tokyo, Japan. I speak Japanese and a little bit of Korean. Before I came to Melbourne, I was a busy office worker and took my daughter to day care every day. Through my experience, I completely understand how difficult being a working parent is. I came to Australia with my husband and my two children in 2010. I completed my diploma in Early Childhood Education and have been working at LCCC for 4 years. I’m interested in Auslan (Australian Sign Language) and have successfully achieved Level 2. I would love to learn more and am keen to keep my knowledge current, and practiced. Whoever is interested in or knows Auslan, please teach me or we can learn together. Working with children is like Christmas presents. I never know what is inside but they always bring me excitement and make me feel so happy.
Long Day Care Educator
I have been working at LCCC for 10 years. I started my child care journey from babies. Over the years I have worked both in the babies room and the older day care rooms. I like to work at this centre, that is why I have been working here for so long. The culture and the experience has been very enjoyable. The centre environment is positive, supportive and lovable. I believe play-based learning is very important and encourages each individual child to learn at their own pace. I love helping them grow and develop physically and cognitively.
Alternative Care and Long Day Care Educator
I have worked in the early childhood industry for 18+ years. I have worked at Laverton Community Childrens Centre for 14+ years. I enjoy working here so much, it has become a second home to my children – now 21 and 18. My, many roles at LCCC have ranged from working in long day care, both “big” yard and babies.Kindergarten, as additional assistant (working with children with additional needs.), also as kinder assistant. I spent several years as educational leader in Alternative Care.I have even spent time working in the kitchen. I enjoy playing music, learning about indigenous culture,scrapbooking and being in nature and by the water.
Assistant Manager
I have worked at Laverton Community Childrens Centre for 8+ years. I enjoy working here so much, it has become a second home to me. My roles at LCCC have ranged from working in long day care, both “big” yard and babies. Now, I am in the office with Donna, where I am responsible for helping families with enrolments and statements, as well as a miriad of other smaller tasks. I enjoy watching TV series, reading books, walking on the beach with my husband and having fish and chips after walking on the beach. I collect recipes and love watching cooking shows. I am a big fan of delicious food.
Team Leader Babies
I have worked in Early Childhood for 25 years all within the Laverton Community and with the last 12 years being at LCCC. I have worked in all areas of the centre and the last 2 years in the baby group. I live with my Husband and 20 y/o daughter and Yuuki my Jack Russell puppy. When I’m not at work I like to do jigsaw puzzles and gardening.
Educational Leader and Qualified Educator
I have been working at Laverton Community Children Centre for 7 years. I am a diploma qualified educator. I used to work as an integration aide at a special school in Wyndham and have completed the Certificate IV in Disability Work. Previously, I graduated as a teacher in my country of Thailand. I enjoy working with young children. Supporting their development, safety and wellbeing are always at the forefront of my mind. To be able to support overall children’s development, the program planning is  a very important part of my job. I am curious by nature and always enjoy learning and gaining new skills. I love gardening and am very happy to share this interest with the children in our gardens, here at the Centre. I believe gardening promotes children’s overall development. The greenery and colourful flowers help the children to feel calm and also create environments for other life. This encourages the children to learn about the cycle of life and feel connected to the world they live in. I...
Rom 5 educator, Kindergarten 3 support
I finished my Early Children Education Certificate 3 in 2009 and have worked at Little Bloom Children’s Centre. I started working at LCCC in 2018. I’m really enjoying my time here at LCCC. I work under the National Quality Framework and Standards and National Approved Learning frameworks. I love to engage with children as they play and learn. During the time I’ve working at LCCC, I try to update my current knowledge and support the children and assist colleagues to achieve their goals. Children’s health, safety and wellbeing are my working purpose. I try my best to diligently stimulate and maximise opportunities for enhancing and extending each child’s learning and development.