Kindergarten Central Registration Scheme

Benefits of the Kindergarten Central Registration Scheme

The Kindergarten Central Registration Scheme has been developed to ensure that all local families have fair and equitable access to community managed kindergarten services in the municipality. The scheme allows families to register for multiple services on the one registration form and facilitates the placement of children into funded four-year-old kindergarten places. The scheme does not include funded kindergarten places in Long Day Care.

3 & 4-year-old Registration

Registration for 3 and 4-year-old kindergarten in Hobsons Bay can now be done through an online parent portal called the Central Registration System (CRS). On the portal you will be able to create your family profile and register your child(ren) from the age of 1 year old for 3 year old kindergarten and from the age of 2 years old for 4 year old kindergarten. CRS will also allow you to update your personal details and kindergarten preferences online at any time. Alternatively, you can download a 3 Year Old Kindergarten Registration Form(PDF, 391KB) or a 4 Year old Kindergarten Registration Form(PDF, 723KB).

Each registration requires a one off, non-refundable fee of $22, which is made via secure payment screen within the parent portal. This fee is waived for eligible card holders. Please see Subsidy Cards and Immigration Visa list below for details to see if you are eligible for a fee waiver.

So that you have your paperwork ready when registering,  you will need the following supporting documents:

  • your child’s birth certificate or passport
  • evidence of residency or rate payer (if applicable)
  • evidence for Priority of Access criteria (if applicable)

If you have completed a paper Registration Form and you have the relevant supporting documentation attached, you can return the completed form to Council in person, by mail to Hobsons Bay City Council BOX 21 Altona 3018 or by email kindergarten@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au.

Online Parent Portal (CRS)

4 Year Old Kindergarten Registration Form(PDF, 723KB)

3 Year Old Kindergarten Registration Form(PDF, 391KB)

4 Year Old Kindergarten 2021(PDF, 771KB)

3 Year Old Kindergarten 2021(PDF, 839KB)

When Can I Register My Child?(PDF, 81KB)

Kindergarten Registration and Allocation of places Timeline

4 Year Old Kindergarten Registration Timeline(PDF, 293KB)

3 Year Old Kindergarten Registration Timeline(PDF, 288KB)


Subsidy Cards & Immigration Visas list

Subsidy Cards

  • Commonwealth Health Care Card
  • Commonwealth pensioner Concession Card
  • A Department of veterans’ Affairs Card (gold or white card)

Immigration Visas

The child individually holds or has a parent or guardian who holds one of the following visas:

• Refugee visa (subclass 200)

• In-country Special Humanitarian visa (subclass 201)

• Global Special Humanitarian visa (subclass 202)

• Temporary Humanitarian Concern visa (subclass 786)

• Protection visa (subclass 866)

• Emergency Rescue visa (subclass 203)

• Woman at risk visa (subclass 204)

• Bridging visas A-E

How will I be offered a place?

3-year-old kindergarten offers of placement are made by Council from July to October the year before your child starts kindergarten.

4-year-old kindergarten offers of placement are made by Council from August to October the year before your child starts kindergarten.

There are a number of rounds of offers and these will be sent by email if you have provided an email address.

If you choose to accept an offer, you will be contacted by the kindergarten service about enrolment and orientation dates.

If you choose to decline an offer, you can change your preference and stay on the waitlist for an alternate offer.

Priority of Access criteria

4 Year Old Priority of Access(PDF, 224KB)

3 Year Old Priority of Access(PDF, 270KB)