The Manager and Room Leaders have recognised early childhood qualifications. Co-workers in each child’s room have recognised early childhood qualifications and/or professional and life experiences. Our staffing roster ensures that a sufficient number of staff is on duty and actively caring for children and supervising the needs of children. Laverton Community Children’s Centre provides education and care to many different families, who all have very different needs. The staff at our Centre are very knowledgeable about the different needs, the sensitivity required, confidentiality and how to assist families with those requirements.

The Staff within the service have a range of qualifications as listed below:

• Certificate III in Children’s Services
• Qualified Early Childhood Educator
• Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Kindergarten Teacher)
• First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis
• Emergency Asthma Management
• Apply First aid
• Perform CPR

Staff Ratio

Our staff are skilled early childhood educators and diverse in culture, knowledge and professional and life experiences. Staff shall ensure that at all times the dignity and rights of children and their families are respected and that the safety and security of children is maintained. Staff possess a range of diverse life skills, qualifications and a broad range of cultural awareness. Staff may hold relevant qualifications i.e. Certificate III and Diploma and Teaching qualifications recognised under the appropriate State legislation. The qualified staff to children ratio at The Laverton Community Children’s Centre is according to the Education and Care Services National Regulations.

Our current child/staff ratio exceeds the current Victorian standards.

Birth – 36 Months : 1 Staff member to 4 Children

36 months up to (but not including over preschool aged children.) : 1 Staff Member to 12 Children

Staff: Ratios were predetermined by the state government in May 2009. Ratios will change to reflect the below ratios

Year Ratio change comes into effect Age Group Staff Ratio
2012 Birth to 36 Months 1:04
2016 36 Months up to (but not including over preschool aged Children) 1:11

By 2014, at least 50% of educators in the service must have (or be actively working towards) at least an approved diploma level education and care qualification.

Relief and Casual Staff

Staff may be absent from time to time in your child’s room. Where possible the Centre will employ relief staff from our internal “reliever’s list” or from external agency support and a notice of staff absence will be displayed in the child’s room. Upon commencement all staff receive a copy of the Work Placement Criteria and Responsibilities. This informs staff of their roles and responsibilities in the best interest of the child. It is the responsibility of the incumbent to read and apply the criteria to their work performance. Permanent staff provide valuable guidance and a “buddy” system. A current list and photos of permanent staff is displayed in the foyer, the display is at children’s height so they can identify familiar staff.



Long day care

Alternative care