As a not-for-profit organisation, the Laverton Community Children’s Centre determines the fee schedule for service delivery and all sources of income. Fees vary from one service type to another and will be charged to families in accordance with the Fee Schedule.

A variety of methods are available to families to ensure prompt payment of fees, including EFTPOS, Centrepay Deductions, direct deposit, cheque or money order.

Invoices (Statements) are emailed in the first week of each month and describe the month in arrears and in advance, this process reduces paper waste.  Invoices describe families’ weekly fee, known as the “gap”, and one week’s fee in advance is required and the amount due is the entire month.  

Fees will not be charged for public holidays.  Fees will be charged for absences from booked days of care.. If a family faces financial difficulty, they are encouraged to discuss the matter with the Manager and a fee payment plan may be devised.  If fees are in arrears a reminder letter will be issued, followed by a second letter where required.  Further action may be taken to cancel the child’s place at the Centre if prompt payment is not made.

The Manager will work with individual families to resolve any financial hardship before the child’s place is terminated.

Fees are not charged during compulsory Christmas closure.

You can download an updated fee schedule list here and a confidential waiting list form here
All forms have been updated as of July, 2015