About LCCC

About Us

Laverton Community Children’s Centre opened its doors 2007. Since that time Management has been able to retain many of the original staff members. This retention of staff reflects our understanding of the needs of the children and families in the community. As Early Childhood Educators we have come to understand and engage with this community on many levels. We have worked with local service providers and the community to build strong partnerships that support relevant and sustainable educational programs to the children in Laverton. Our play based programs actively encourage the development a strong sense of self and develop a love of learning, adventure and exploration. We provide the following services:

• Long day care from 7am to 6:30 pm Monday to Friday
• 4 Year old Kindergarten in 2 groups Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday or Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
• Alternative Care is offered 
• Hobsons Bay City Council facilitates playgroups within our service, contact them using our link for details.
• We are partners of the Early Start to Kindergarten initiative
• Complementary services include Toy Library

Mission Statement

Laverton Community Children’s Centre is a multi-care approved service. Our service provides a range of flexible and complementary care types and advocates for affordable and accessible care to the whole community. Our service is an integrated model. Providing programs. 
Management and staff ensure all educational programs are offered to children of all abilities. The Centre strives to meet the needs of children, families and the community by incorporating the latest research into the delivery of programs:

* Childhood development
* Quality care and educative practices
* Parent education
* Early intervention programs
* Pilot programs that support early learning and care
* Environmental sustainability

The service provides a diverse range of programs and services that are targeted to those who are disadvantaged; a focus that reflects both social justice and community needs. All programs and services will have a community development focus. The service will provide emotional support and resources for the alleviation of poverty, distress, misfortune, destitution and helplessness.

Operational Policies

All operational policies and work practices are developed by The Laverton Community Children’s Centre in consultation with the Board of Management of LCIS.
All staff members are required to be familiar with policies and procedures. All families are responsible for abiding by the policies and procedures upon enrolment.
Operational Policies and Procedures are an evolving document and are regularly amended to reflect the changing needs of the community and the establishment of consistent and relevant parameters. The Policy and Procedure Handbook is located in the foyer.

Statement of Purpose

Management and staff members provide the highest quality care to children and offer a variety of support networks to families within the community.
Management and staff consistently build effective partnerships with families. Management and staff ensure that all children feel safe and secure. Positive practices and methodologies promote self-awareness and all children are regarded and respected as unique individuals.
Members promote an inclusive and anti-bias approach, accepting all children regardless of:

* Ability
* Culture
* Gender
* Race
* Socio-economic status
* Religion

The key feature of an integrated Early childhood is that it acts as a service hub for the community by bringing together a range of services, usually under one roof, where practitioners work in a multi-agency way to deliver integrated support to children and families.
The Children’s Centre model remains flexible to meet local needs and respond to changing demographics. Additional complementary services which may be included based on the needs of local communities include: supported playgroups, parenting groups or programs, counselling services, community space, pre-employment programs and adult and further education